Sunday, December 4, 2011

9 most dangerous vehicle maintenance mistakes

Did You Know?

1. Worn tires As tires get old they can harden and lose grip and don’t stop your car as well, maintaining your tires properly could save a live, maybe yours. Also according to the Rubber ManufacturersAssociation, every time the outside temperature drops 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the air pressure in your tires goes down one pound to two pounds per square inch making driving more dangerous.

In addition to tires, these key items need to be inspected:

2. Batteries: A weak battery can leave you stranded - possibly at the worst time and place.

3. Brakes: An expert inspection can determine whether your brakes are functioning properly with full braking capability.

4. Windshield wipers: Old or worn windshield wipers can lead to poor visibility in adverse weather conditions.

5. Headlamps: Properly aimed headlamps are a must for optimizing your visibility - both your seeing and your being seen.

6. Fluid levels: Improper fluid levels - including coolant, oil, power steering, transmission, brake fluid and even washer solvent - can negatively affect vehicle durability, performance and safety.

7. Belts and hoses: A broken belt or ruptured hose can cause costly engine damage and travel delays.

8. Engine Oil: Change your oil and filter at intervals recommended in your owner's manual to minimize engine wear and reduce the possibility of internal damage.

9. Your vehicle investment: Ok so this may not be life threatening but what’s your excuse for not maintaining your 2ndlargest investment? Make maintaining your car easy on YOU, download Oil Change the iPhone app and keep it simple and easy. Visit to download the iPhone and Android app "Oil Change" today and find the best shop and best deal on an Oil Changes and other auto service needs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Study: Moms turning to mobile while shopping

Let's face it most of us are switching to smart phones because they are a great way to stay connected. If you own Fast Lube or other automotive shop being easily available to your customer is important. 

"Smartphones have become the super tool for moms on the go," said Dane Holewinski, Director of Marketing with Greystripe. "The majority of moms with smartphones are using those devices for their day to day tasks especially shopping, making them the ideal target for advertisers."

The study found that 66% of moms are now using mobile devices while shopping. Here are some of the ways:

· 55% of moms are influenced to buy products due to advertising
· 91% prefer free apps with ads to support, as opposed to paid-for apps with no advertising
· 32% use mobiles to create and house shopping lists
· 21% use smartphones to look up recipes
· 45% use smartphones to locate nearby stores
· 36% use mobiles for price comparisons
· 31% use smartphones for product research

The Greystripe report surveyed more than 230 women with children using iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as Androids. Those surveyed were in the Greystripe network.

Overall more than 234 million Americans are in the mobile space with most either texting or using mobile browsers to connect. Consumers are also downloading apps (37%) and accessing social networks (27%) and playing games (25%).

List your Automotive repair shop on the app Oil Change for free. Just register at 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What message is your shop sending?

A recent study finds that nearly half of moms (45%) are using smartdevices to find store locations and 36% are using them for price comparisons. The Oil Change app is a great way to help customers find you, connect with them and put your store in their minds when making a decision of where to get their preventative maintenance done. Connecting with the customer can be tricky if you do not know what to say or how to put your message across. This installment is to help you build that message and set your shop page up to get the best results.

Understanding the features and how the app works is very important so please take just a minute to walk through how it works and how the customer uses the app. Here's a link to find out more.

The free version of the app will allow you to list your shop and set a price and shop logo on you shop page. The logo should be saved as a .png file and under 1mb to load correctly, if your having problem send it to me and I'll upload it for you.

A Super Shop listing is the absolute best way to get customers to take you seriously on the app. We have real time analytics to show you what the customer is responding to, you can see which locations are getting traffic and which are not. Use your shop logo's to stand out and speak to them on the features and offer text box and offer discount coupon's and speak to them again in the coupon details text box.

Super Shop Listing advantage:
1. The first thing that most shop owners see is the shop logo on the map, list and shop page and these are great was to help you stand out but don't forget the affiliate logo. This is the one that sits in the middle of the shop page and can communicate the type of oil your store uses, trade affiliation like the American Oil Change Association or ASE. If you don't see a logo and would like it added send me an email and the logo you would like set and I will include it. BUT... this is not the most important item to connect with customers.
2. The way to really speak to your customer is in the Features and Offers text box located on your shop page. This is the opportunity to actually say something to your customers, in your own voice, that tells them what to focus on. Tell them about your commitment to quality, lowest price, the offer you want to give them to come to your store, your message "we are the best", the cheapest, the fastest, the shop with the most training, the shop with the most locations, shuttle service, the shop with the highest customer service ratings! This in my opinion is one of the most important ways to tell the customer why they should chose your location. We have had shops upload a pink version of the logo to celebrate Cancer awareness or other charity events.
3. Coupon is a good thing! You don't have to be the lowest always to get people to look at your shop page. This is another way for you to talk to the customer. Give them more details about your offer or about your store and the advantages of coming to you for service.
4. Coupon code, this is something people expect to see and can be another touch point and be a fun way to get your customer involved. If you chose not to use a coupon code the phone will default to "Shop Your Phone".
5. Don't keep the app a secret! Would you rather tell your customers about your store listing and how it can make their service easier with a reminder or let them find out on their own and start shopping? Tell your existing customers about your listing with In-store marketing materials we have for you. Contact me and I'll send them to you free!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When customers think of an oil change, do they think of your shop first?

When customers think of their next oil change, do they think of you first?
Register your shop today for FREE, stay connected to customers and let the Oil Change app help you:
  • Get more customers into your shop
  • Increase loyalty
  • Decrease time between visits
  • Promote additional services to make more sales
  • Allow customers to set their own service reminders to come back to YOUR STORE!
  • Connect with Android and iPhone users
Visit to register your store. Call us at 866.987.9911 or e-mail us at for more information.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

MBB Register your Shop Tutorial

This is the 1st installment in the Oil Change app tutorial video series to help shops get signed up and register their location on the oil change app for iPhone and Android. If you need further assistance call us at 866-987-9911 or email

MBB Shop Log In Tutorial

This is the 2nd video in the Tutorial series to help shops get signed in for the first time. If you have registered please register your shop first at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oil Change app for iPhone is available today!

The new upgraded Oil Change app is now available at the Apple iTunes Store today. You can find the best deals at the best shop and set a convenient service reminder for next time right from your phone. We are very excited to bring you these new features and amazing deals from your favorite shops. Download it today!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oil Change for Android app is here!!

Big news here at the myBeepBeep office the Android app is here! Take a photo of this barcode or follow this link to the OIl Change app on the Android store to download the app and start saving. Remember give us a 5 star rating and write a review! Thanks Scott

Monday, January 31, 2011

iPhone and Android app tips for Shop owners and Managers

By advertising on the Oil Change apps we can help
  • Increase awareness and traffic to your shop
  • Increase loyalty
  • Decrease time between visits
  • Increase awareness of additional services
  • Allow customers to set their own service reminders to come back to YOUR STORE!!

Tips & Info:

Many shops are asking for in-store promotional material and Oil Change app Logos and links to the apple store for their own email marketing and websites. This will be very important when the new version comes available because of the customer reminder feature. When a customer selects a reminder, the app will reminder them to come back to YOUR store! If they don't know to use the app, it will just tell them it's time for your next oil change service. So tell you customers to use the app when they come in.
For those of you who have emailed me to ask for promotional materials, they will be mailed to you soon.
We would love for you to tell you customers to use the oil change app so just reply to this email and I'll send you an in-store shelf talker and window magnets and I'll put Logos and a link on the mybeepbeep website for you.

Here are a couple of things I want you to be aware of:
The "features and offers" text box is not only a great place to tell customers about your offers but also to tell customer about the services you offer or special training your techs receive. Tell them why they should come to you! Example: (We deliver quality and a friendly experience.) (Get a Free Car Wash with an Oil Change)
The "ad headline and details box" will be changing to accomodate the coupon page and coupon code feature. You will not have to have a coupon to use the the tracking though. Example: Ad Headline ($5 off and Oil Change and Details box (Get $5 off when you mention this app and coupon code)
The iPhone and Android versions of the Oil change app are here! We are very excited to show you and let you try the new features that will allow you to:
    * Set up unique coupons with coupon codes set by you
    * Track customer visits
    * Ask them to come back to YOUR store when their oil change reminder is triggered
    * Analytics to help measure your traffic and sales results
And more...
You will also see some changes to the website to help you get the most out of your listing including tutorials and help pages.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Oil Change app coming to Android - Sneak peak!

The Oil Change app for iPhone has been a great success so far with 6 months behind us. We are now testing the Android version and very excited about the opportunities ahead of us. We are also adding new features for the consumer and shops. You'll have to wait for the real thing to find out what it is but it's cool!