Monday, June 21, 2010

Boy time flys

Back to the AOCA show... most of the shop business classes were from 8-12 so I walked around meeting very nice shop owners from NC, TX, MD, NY, FL and Canada and got to know the Hilton convention center including visiting the IBA show (International Beauty Association) downstairs which is GIGANTIC! Lots of pretty hairdressers walking around with bags in their hands. I've been to hair shows with my wife and these people are very passionate and take this shit seriously, so pretty cool.

The show opened and I made my rounds checking out the Fast Lube Franchiser' different oil products and tool companies trying to figure out how to tactfully speak to whom ever may care about my App but not offend the paying vendors. I did think about getting into the True "flying money" booth and catching some money but decided against it. I went back to the room to follow up on some design and promotion material and met some friends for dinner. The next day Monday, I went back to the show to follow up with the few people I met and took an early flight back to Seattle. Summary...Good trip and felt like a successful trip and first connection with the industry.