Friday, September 10, 2010

The economy says...

Want more proof that people are holding onto their cars longer (and hopefully keeping them in good shape, as well)? Try this statistic on for size: According to, the average age of a trade-in car has risen from 5.6 years last summer to 8.7 years this summer.
If this is true then we should be going in to have our cars checked out and make them last longer. I was reading on the NOLN blog (National Oil and Lube News) shops are starting to embrace new technology... yup... there's a magazine and blog for everything, but actually its interesting and has all the good info for the industry. It was also mentioned in the AOCA talk chat too that shops are trying everything to connect with customers. From Facebooking to Twitter to Foursquare to the myBeepBeep Oil Change app on the iPhone, that's right they mentioned mybeepbeep in the same sentence as those giants WOW, that they are offering amazing deals though codes and coupons and instant posting discounts on oil changes, car washes and other services and products like tires with great prices and low price guarantees. That is where it would be nice to challenge the lowest price in one place. Otherwise you spend all day searching and wonder if the lowest price is the best thing for me. What is the shop isn't a good one so to speak or it's too far away.  So if your reading this, thanks, now go download the Oil Change app on the itunes store and get your oil change for goodness sake!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A message to everyone

If your reading this then you most likely either own/work for/go to a shop that services your car. I created this blog to help communicate with you. I don't expect this to be anything else but a way for me to send and post messages on my progess in making a new and very forward thinking advertising tool for customers to find good shops and for shops to attract the type of customer they want to attract. I am very excited about the success it's had but I want it to continue to grow. So next week we launch or national campaign to attract app users and more shops to send these customers to. Look for us in VehicleMD, NOLN and all over the web and news group. Viva Oil Change!

I am putting together a survey and will be sending it out to all the shops who have signed up to get their ideas and feedback.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

300 shops in 2 weeks!

Wow what a ride it's been, Oil Change the iPhone app has signed up 300 Fast Lube, Deaership and Independant Auto repair shops in just 2 weeks. Thank you EZ LUBE, Tim at Grease Monkey Frisco CO Kevin at City-Garage in TX, Kevin in Pine Bush NY, Canna from Delta Wash in NY , Big Island Toyota in HI Wow cool , Ford Autoworld and Myers Autoworld in IN, Dch Brunswick Toyota in NJ... do you need to catch your breath? We have more to go, High Tech Automotive Center N Hollywood CA, LIBERTY TIRE LA CA, ahhh 2 from close to home Lexus of Tacoma at Fife WA, Roy Robinson WA, Continental Toyota IL, TODEY MAZDA/HYUNDAI CA, Mobil Express Lube at Alamo Hand Car Wash & Mission Express Lube CA, LeValley Chevorlet Buick GMC MI, Gates automotive IN, Alpine Buick Gmc CO and the list keeps growing and growing!!! We're shootin for all 50 states by the end of the month so stay tuned.

I'm going to be interviewing some of our shops to get their view on the service industry and get advise for you on the best way to find a shop that fits YOUR vehilce needs and your lifestyle. Not all shops are the same so lets explore this together. Thanks Scott

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New shops are signing up

We are thrilled to have Roy Robinson Subaru Chev in Marysville WA & Alpine Buick Gmc in Denver CO signed up for "Oil Change" great deals on service for your car.

If you know a shop out there that woud like to ar if you think they should sign up let us or them know they can sign up and try it FREE. o to our website and go the new shop sign up.

We are trying to find the best shops that really get it, that really want to service the customer and give them the ease and convenience of useing thie iPhone to shop and get the bestdeal on Oil Changes and other car care services.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will this app change how you get you Oil Changed?

Follow this link to Oil Change on the iTunes Store to view the apps features and description.

How it works:Shops can go to to sign up and start advertising for FREE or view a demo video of the features and sign up for future announcements. This innovative approach to advertising and promoting the Fast Lube & Auto Repair Industry will allow shops to connect with and advertise to customers in REAL TIME! Have you ever seen a Lube tech standing by the street in front of a shop waving a sign that reads "$5 off right now"?  This is the modern version of that without the cost of paying a full time technician to advertise.

Shops can advertise other services as well like Car Washes, Filters, Flushes, Wipers, Exhaust or Tune-ups to set them apart. This is not a discount site per say; this is a way for shops to promote their services in a versatile and affordable way.

Shops can sign on, complete a unique business page, create an advertisement and change or place that advertisement as many times as needed per day, week or month!  A shop may be slow at 8am but have customers by 11am, now they can advertise when they need customers. Customers will be able to find a shop that fits their needs by allowing the app to locate them automatically and sort the shops by Distance, Price, Deals Offered and the type of maintenance their vehicle needs. This is a versatile advertising tool that can allow shops to emphasize the value as well as the quality of their services to 45,000,000 customers in a convenient and affordable way. Shops will be able to connect with their customers which will give them a huge advantage over the competition. myBeepBeep Media is offering this exciting new advertising tool for a limited time for FREE to Fast lube and Automotive shops!  Go to to sign up with NO OBLIGATION!
The Consumer:Oil Change? ...there's an app for that! myBeepBeep Media LLC has released an app called "Oil Change" for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Shop for the Best shop in your area by Distance, Price or Services and Rate them too. This is the first iPhone app for people who get their vehicle serviced at Fast Lube shops.          "Oil Change" the iPhone app is available on the apple iTunes store NOW.  

Follow this link Oil Change on the iTunes Store

Features:*IT'S FREE - "Oil Change is an iPhone app that is free! No cost to download or use the app
*FIND TOP NOTCH SHOPS -  Map your area shops and locate them automatically
*CONVENIENT - Make a list of your favorite "top rated" Oil change shops and quickly shop without calling or driving around
*CONTACT YOUR FAVORITE SHOP EASILY - Call them with one simple TAP, no more looking for their phone number or guessing if they can fit you in.
*SAVE MONEY - List shops by Price and Distance, Services and qualifications, see instant coupons, deals and incentives from your favorite shop on your phone in REAL TIME!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New shops being added everyday!

We have been adding shops to the Oil Change app everyday and I want to thank Keith Shaulis at City-Garage in the Dallas/Fort Worth are for signing 16 shops up and Keith Dubious from Victory Lane Quick Lube in Pine Bush, NY. These two are real professionals and "get it" that the new way of connecting with customers is through smart phone technology and the myBeepBeep Oil Change app. Follow this link to Oil Change on the iTunes Store to view the apps features and description. Go get your car serviced by these great companies!

We are speaking with shops in all areas across the country with tremendous response so please stay tuned.

Look for for use in VehicleMD in the August issue

Friday, July 2, 2010

We have launched!

Wow its been a long exciting road but Oil Change the iPhone app has launched on the iTunes store and Phil Smart Mercedes-Benz in Seattle has posted the first of many fantastic deals for customers to take advantage of. Watch for other shops to join!
I got an email from "Bryant" the yesterday that said, "there aren't any prices!!! " How it works is the shops put the prices and offers up so anyone who would like a shop to post an ad, I'd be glad to help get shops involved in your area if you let me know where you live. We spoke to some of the big franchisers this week and larger dealers to get their service departments to sign up. Look for them soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Boy time flys

Back to the AOCA show... most of the shop business classes were from 8-12 so I walked around meeting very nice shop owners from NC, TX, MD, NY, FL and Canada and got to know the Hilton convention center including visiting the IBA show (International Beauty Association) downstairs which is GIGANTIC! Lots of pretty hairdressers walking around with bags in their hands. I've been to hair shows with my wife and these people are very passionate and take this shit seriously, so pretty cool.

The show opened and I made my rounds checking out the Fast Lube Franchiser' different oil products and tool companies trying to figure out how to tactfully speak to whom ever may care about my App but not offend the paying vendors. I did think about getting into the True "flying money" booth and catching some money but decided against it. I went back to the room to follow up on some design and promotion material and met some friends for dinner. The next day Monday, I went back to the show to follow up with the few people I met and took an early flight back to Seattle. Summary...Good trip and felt like a successful trip and first connection with the industry.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oil change shops convention?

If you can believe it yes! Every year the American Oil Change Association AOCA hosts the annual convention to meet, learn, share new ideas and show new products and equipment to other like minded Fast lube owners and operators. This was held at The Hilton Convention Center Saturday April 23-27 2010 and I... went to check it out. I arrived on Sunday and stayed at the the Hilton Grand Vacation Resort which is very nice but in a strange location behind the parking garage next to the main Hilton. I arrived at 9am and walked the lobby speaking to whomever would speak to me and showed my iPhone app "Oil Change" and handed out little paper iPhones with a home screen on one side and 4 screens of the app on the other side. These were the most important thing I brought it turns out because as soon as I handed it out people got it!
I finally met Debbie Draper from AOCA was very kind and gracious to let me attend as a visitor. I was instructed to not solicit on the floor which I tried not to do but I had to talk to people, so I respected their wishes as best I could. To Be continued...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Oil Change" the iPhone app

I have been developing an iPhone app to promote the oil change shops and allow customers to be able to shop for an oil change from there phone. I spoke with the the American Oil Change Association today and they are having their annual IFlex 2010 at the Hilton Las Vegas this weekend. I am going and will report back to you on what I find. I plan to take video and blog on anything of value. My intention is to find the best shops and services offered and get "Oil Change" the iphone app on the map. check out for a glimpse of what's to come.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Launching in 3,2,1

Hello, I am starting this blog to announce and start a place to talk about auto repair. This is a stressful and necessary evil for most of us even in the industry. You're familiar with the cobbles son has no shoes? Well the auto tech can fall into the same trap of fixing other peoples car all day and neglect their own. So I would like to start a place to talk about the work done by these good people and allow people to see what they do and why it cost what it cost to have quality work done. When it good to pay for a $125 oil change or find a quality inexpensive one. I have a vast knowledge of car repair both mechanical and body so feel free to ask. If I know how to best answer you question I will, if I do not I will find it though my network.